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Risk of buying the unlicensed water heaters

Buying a water heater can be a good addition for your bathroom. Warming your water is important during the winter days, so you will have the warm water for your bath after a whole day of work on a freezing weather. However, you can’t buy your water heater recklessly, or you might end up with the bad or unlicensed water heater. The hot water tank Calgary wants to share with you some info regarding the risks of using the unlicensed water heater.

The bad quality is the first problem. The unlicensed water heater brands are unapproved by the government, so you might pay a lot of money for a water heater which might not be as good as the standard ones. Then you need to think about the risk of being electrocuted as well. The unlicensed water heaters haven’t passed the government’s test of approval, so the risk of endangering your family’s lives by installing the unlicensed one in your house can be very high.