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How to Smooth Meat

When you make porridge for baby food or as part of a diet of soft foods, the meat porridge must have a smooth and soft consistency. Pale or thick beef porridge will not appeal even to babies. The key is to cool the cooked meat and soften it when the meat is cold. Adding a little liquid to the meat will help you achieve a more appealing texture. To make it easier for you to chop meat, you can use electric mincers that we offer through our website. Visit now before running out.

– Choose soft cuts of meat. The softer the meat you use, the smoother and tastier the porridge. Whatever meat you will use, beef, chicken, pork or lamb, you need to choose a tender piece of meat that will not be tough when cooked.

– Cook meat slowly. This method of slow cooking will improve the taste and moisture of the meat, making it easier to smooth. Regardless of the kinds of meat you use, think to cook it slowly so that the meat is cooked with the best texture.

– Make sure the meat is cooked to the correct temperature. Meat should be cooked first before crushed. Check the meat temperature after cooking to make sure the meat has reached the right internal temperature.

– Chill meat completely. After that, chill the meat in the fridge for at least two hours. Meat should be perfectly cold when it will be processed. Cold meats if processed will produce much finer pieces than warm meat.

– Put a cup of meat into electric mincers. If you do not have a meat mincer, you may use a blender, even if the resulting texture may not be as fine as it was made in a meat mincer. You can add a piece of bread into the meat mincer with your meat dough to improve the texture.