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I’ve pushed my car all the way to Costco and it’s closed

Have you ever get your car to get broken or had its tires exploded on the road. If you had, then let me tell you my story it’s because my story can be worse than yours. It’s normal for us to call some professional help to tow the car, right? But fortunately, it’s actually quite close from the nearby Costco Tire Center so I decided to save some money and push my own car all the way there. Unfortunately, I don’t really know about Costco Tire Center Hours.

So I’ve pushed the car all the way there for nothing. That’s why I want to tell you it’s important for you or anyone else to know the right time when this tire and auto repair center is opening and closing. This way, you won’t have any incident like I had. Trust me, you don’t want to push your car, all the way along the road, just to stand there and staring at a closed Repair center. Make sure you know its open and close hours so you won’t be sad like me at that time.