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Learn the simple dishes first is a good idea

Learning on how to cook the delicious food can be hard if you’re learning on your own. Cooking is a delicate skill to master and finding the right place to learn is a must. When you’re choosing the right school, if you’re a newbie in the cooking field, then don’t be surprised if the teacher is going to teach you on how to cook the simple dishes in the beginning of your lessons. You may think that you’re going to hoc nau an ngon right away. Unfortunately, without the appropriate experience and skill, you need to learn on how to make the delicious and perfect simple dishes before you try the difficult one.

Don’t ever feel down when you’ve been taught by the chef on how to make the simple dish from the very beginning. Instead of feeling gloomy, we recommend you to think of it as an opportunity to show the teacher that you’ve got the spirit and the willingness to learn. If you can cook the simple dish with the great amount of skill and it tastes delicious, then the teacher won’t have any doubt about you when he or she teaches you to cook the more difficult dishes.

However, you need to understand that at the same time, it’s not merely your stage to show your skill, but you may want to learn a thing or two from the teacher. This way, instead of feeling down due to not learning on making the delicious dishes right away, you may be able to cook the more delicious versions of omelets, fried rice, or even the plain sandwiches. However, the ordinary foods that you’re going to cook in the future will be tasted more deliciously than before. Only by then, after you’re able to cook the simple dishes deliciously, then you will gain more confident that you’re going to need when you have to cook the real dishes.