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How to Train Your Own Dog without Train Assistance

Beginners’ hobby often complains because it is difficult to make dog loyal and immediately familiar with new employers. Especially if you do not use coaches, would be more troublesome. Compassion is the most important capital, to make the dog obedient and avenge the affection of his master. When you first get acquainted with a dog, the prospective employer must hold, stroke the head or pat the chin and breasts of the dog that will be bought. This will make it easier for the hobbyist to get along with the dog. The dog has a strong instinct or instinct. Even his instincts are sharper than humans. If the dog is approached like that, his instinct will say that the dog has gotten the affection of the stranger. Similarly, if the dog has become one of the family members in our homes. Should we often reprimand or call his name at every opportunity? Whether it’s going to work or when to go home. If the dog responds with his bark, you should stroke his head, pat his chin or chest. If the tail wags its tail, it means that he is happy. Better yet, if you always bring a snack can be bread, sliced ??meat and more. Exercise potty train a puppy. Often we are bothered by our dogs who defecate in any place. Jikan knows the dog is defecated in a place that is not the place, take that dirt and show it to him, then throw away where we want. If done regularly, the dog will understand and obey our will.

Also familiarize dogs recognize each family member, close people or guests at your home. The trick is to introduce the dog’s name to people who are known to the family, so anyone who can come in that place will call his name every time you meet. Often take him for a walk, so that the dog feel protected despite being outside the home environment. Conversely, the dog will be angry if someone sees someone trying to harass his master. Whenever going to do basic training on dogs, try to feed the dog or give something that makes the dog happy. Dog training sitting. The first step is to press down the lower part gently. Every time does that say the command line to sit. If the dog has obeyed the command and can sit quietly, give your dog a compliment and give you a snack. Dog training Recognize guests. Every time a house bell rang a guest, order a dog to bark. If the guest is a person we know, we quickly order the dog to stop barking and stay away with friendly words. The dog must be able to recognize every guest who comes to visit our home.