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The rapidity of Digital Technology Influences Conventional Mass Media

New Media (New Media) such as http://www.tangselone.com that comes from increasingly sophisticated communication technology has influenced the development of conventional media or mainstream media. Therefore, the curriculum of Journalism study program must also change in accordance with the development of the era. One of the highlights is the ethics of communicating in public spaces that are currently considered very apprehensive. The development of social media is so rapid that it disrupts the mainstream mass media. Not only the print media began to disturbed audiences, but also electronic media such as television has been a decline in the number of audiences. Unfortunately social media content often does not pay attention to factuality and balance, and often even lies or hoaxes.

Now, it’s hard to tell which news, where the rumors, which journal products are propaganda, public issues overlap with private issues, ethics also violated. That’s why journalism education in Indonesia must be firm, whether to be pragmatic or idealist, whether to adjust to market desire or maintain intellectual moral standards? Now there are some big companies that do not want to advertise on television, but they are advertising in new media. However, with the development of digital technology is not just as a threat, but made an opportunity to develop the media, in the management of the media so that it can be viewed through the internet.